FROM JUNE 22nd to 25th

The WBC Amateur MuayThai World Championship was born from the WBC MuayThai project aimed at supporting young athletes in the development of their careers.
Italy is the destination of this first edition of the World Championship 2023.
As of July 1st this year, WBC MuayThai has 90 countries and territories working for the development of MuayThai sport and culture, around the world.
Best athletes from all corners of the globe will descend on Italy to represent their countries at the inaugural WBC Amateur MuayThai World Championship to pursue a prestigious gold, silver, and bronze medal at stake, across a host of weight categories for both male and female MuayThai youth athletes.

This will be Venice’s first time hosting the Muaythai World Championship, with an 4-day action packed schedule featuring more than 90 nations, and 600 + athletes battling on its grounds.

🏆 WBC MuayThai European Youth Games
🏆 WBC MuayThai Adult Elite Amateur World Championships and Adult B Class World Championships
🏆 WBC MuayThai Professional World Title Showdowns
🥊 Seminar with the Stars (Saenchai and more)
📚 Ring Officials Workshops with elite Referee’s and Judges from Thailand

The Championship will include diverse cultural activities, social and executive meetings, seminars, workshops, in addition to the main prestigious event the “World Championship.”

An exciting time awaits the future stars of this combat sports.

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